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I. M. Giltay Corp

After starting the Mizupo build a couple weeks ago, I quickly started another “pocket build” alongside it. This one, however, is based upon a prototype of a building I had seen in the city of Minneapolis. It’s called Matt’s and here’s a photo: What I particularly liked about this building was the roof cap. It […]

by Rusty on February 7, 2021, filed: Solo Builds

Mizupo’s Groceteria – Part One

Decided to open a new section here on the blog, one dedicated to solo builds as opposed to full dioramas. I have recently started enjoying creating structures without a full accompanying scene, purely for the speed if nothing else. I don’t have a layout, and I will forever remain a guy more interested in the […]

by Rusty on January 17, 2021, filed: “Mizupo’s Groceterias”