Not bad, just rusty

“Charging 300… CLEAR!”

On the off chance someone is reading this, welcome to this tiny parking bay on the internet reserved for me, “Rusty Robot”. I don’t park here often, but it’s nice to know I can when I want to.

I wish this hobby didn’t flutter in and out of my life as it does, but my professional life takes up even more time than model making – a time sapping pastime at its most economic. I’ve moved three times since I last posted, including to a different country all together. I’m not pining for any achievements, it’s just hard to keep up. All my tools, materials, resources are all in storage in the UK. It’s painful, but until the timing is right, I cannot ship any of that stuff to my new home here in the US.

This is all part of the excuse to my lengthy absence.

That said – I have defied my wife’s wishes and purchased a bunch of tools to at least get me back on the horse for a little while. I’m not, unfortunately, continuing the diorama I last posted about (I will finish that one day), but instead I am kitbashing and scratch building a robot from JUNK.

I discovered a facility in my new town that accepts donations of any and all electronics. If they are non-functional or cannot be re-sold, then they strip those appliances down to their very components and recycle the material. So the whole thing will be built from e-waste, all materials destined for the great furnace. I think it’s a cool way to get back into the hobby with all my materials over 3000 miles away.

Well, I did buy a couple of kits as I am also planning to build and convert a rather large 40k tank transporter – but shhh, I really can’t talk about that. Yet.

by Rusty on October 21, 2019