Not bad, just rusty


A new HO kit, coming late 2024 —

Inspired by Jacob Riis’ photos of New York City in the late 1800’s, Ragpicker’s Row will be an urban, multi-structure kit that centers around a mainline and siding track, with an infamous vehicle-eating crossing and branching alleyways.

Shouldered by bloated tenements, opium dens, and seedy no-good businesses, the row is a major artery for this part of town… and also a dangerous one. An escape route for some and a home for others, “Ragpicker’s Row” has been described as an “‘Arcardia of garbage’, where the basements in some of the old houses were so vile, that their broken-down doors should be approached only with fingers in your nostrils.”

As of writing, we are currently in the development phase. Things will no doubt change, so this should only be regarded as a proof of concept only at this stage. More news will be shared when available and if you’d like to receive updates, please make sure to sign up to via the “Subscribe” form at the bottom of the website.

I can’t wait to share more with you soon!

Note: all the structures can be built and used separately.