Not bad, just rusty


Since posting up the final pictures of “Lost” last night I have received an overwhelming response. I am truly touched by the kind words of those that have taken the time to comment. As a newcomer, this is extremely encouraging – especially since I am already planning out my next diorama. As a lasting reminder and a […]

by Craig on February 3, 2012, filed: LOST


It’s finally finished and I’m very happy with the result. I have decided on a name for the piece: “Lost”. I sincerely hope you enjoy it, do let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you. Please find previous entries detailing the making of this diorama. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge […]

by Craig on February 2, 2012, filed: LOST

The Pilot

After a long wait, I received the final parcel for the diorama in the mail this morning. I guess it’s only fitting that the integral or, rather, central, piece is the last to arrive. I have found that painting vehicles is more to my skill. I enjoyed painting the Pilot, but it seemed to come together too fast… I […]

by Craig on January 31, 2012, filed: LOST

So nearly finished

It’s been over a month since starting (let alone planning!) and I am almost done. To be fair, I have been working a lot (my day job) so I haven’t had a whole wealth of time to be working on the diorama. Nevertheless, I am so very close to the finish line now. I have […]

by Craig on January 27, 2012, filed: LOST

Johnson’s Klear

So, I never had the privilege of using the original Klear… well, not in the use of model making anyway, so this post may be a little… well… biased I guess. However, I just want to go on record and say that the new and improved formula works very well indeed! Despite it having a yellowy and […]

by Craig on January 25, 2012, filed: LOST

The Base: Part Two

I ordered some water resistent DIY wall filler, a brand “Tetrion” – amazing stuff, giving a smooth and creamy texture. I began mixing that with the brown acrylic paint I bought much earlier. This formed the base for the rest of the groundwork on the diorama. I spread this mixture all over the lower half […]

by Craig on January 23, 2012, filed: LOST

The Sentinel: Painting

The Sentinel is about… 85% done here. I used Model Masterclass Vol 1 extensively during the painting process as I am literally zero-percent experienced when it comes to painting – models as well as everything else! By this time I had taken the plunge and ordered myself an airbrush and compressor. I have the Sparmax […]

by Craig on January 19, 2012, filed: LOST

The Sentinel: Construction

To start, I spent about 4 hours – probably more – carefully scraping away all the mould lines from the casting process. This was a tedious process but I broke it down into small “shifts” and further passed the time by listening to Chris Morris’ Radio 1 show from waaaay back in the day. In […]

by Craig on January 13, 2012, filed: LOST

The Base: Part One

As can be seen in the previous post I failed to add the cheapo brown acrylic paint to the spackling mix. So, I had to paint on top of that. Which is perfectly doable… just not necessarily what I wanted to do because if some spackling chips off you’ll be showing off some rather white mixture underneath. […]

by Craig on January 9, 2012, filed: LOST

Fences and Barbed Wire

In the original sketches I had made no plans to add fences – I also only intended to add a small amount of curled barbed wire atop the bunker. That kind of all changed when I got to actually making the diorama. It became quickly apparent I would need something more… so I added some […]

by Craig on January 6, 2012, filed: LOST

Sandbags and Conduits

So, whilst I was waiting for the other materials to arrive I got started with some other stuff in the meantime. First, I took a trip to my local pound shop (or dollar store if you are reading from America). Once there I picked up a whole bunch of goodies that would prove to be […]

by Craig on January 4, 2012, filed: LOST

Tools and Materials

I thought I’d list the stuff (could be helpful) that I have bought, already owned or used to make this diorama a reality. So to speak. In no particular order: Without adding things like my table etc… that is about the extent of it. 🙂

by Craig on January 1, 2012, filed: LOST

A Diorama is Born

So, after some careful consideration (finances, time etc…) I finally sat down to begin planning my first ever diorama. It began with an image. I am a big fan of using Games Workshop and Forgeworld stuff because the quality of the plastic is excellent. The designs are intricate and, in regards to the Imperial Guard, […]

by Craig on December 29, 2011, filed: LOST


It’s been about three weeks, maybe four, since I re-discovered an urge. An urge to do something I gave up about 10 years ago. This time, though, I had purpose… it was to be more than just a hobby this time. I am making a 1/35 scale model bunker of the set in my science […]

by Craig on December 28, 2011, filed: LOST