Not bad, just rusty

The Scrap Merchant’s Place is a medium-sized brick structure packed with character. Whether you’re looking for an old house in the middle of your layout’s countryside or to fill a street corner in the local town, The Scrap Merchant’s Place can fill that gap. For us, this unique structure is home to I.B.Diginfore. A man who has never surrendered to a hard day’s work as a scrap merchant, who’s built his business from nothing but a few loose coins in his back pocket.

This structure comes as a single, 3D-printed piece (windows and doors included). All you just need to do is add the roof. This makes the kit easy to build without compromising any of the quality we are known for. And that’s what our new “Keep It Simple” range is all about.

Scroll down to view all the photos. All the detail parts pictured are included — barrels, crate stack, bathtub filled with junk, workbench, saw horses and more. Also included are all the materials for the standing-seam metal roofing and fencing. We use only the best materials around here.

This kit is a perfect companion/next step to The Old Boiler House.

Our detailed, easy-to-follow instructions guide you through every step of recreating the diorama. Although we know most of you won’t build the exact diorama, we still provide all the tips and tricks on how we modeled everything you see so you can use these methods for your own projects and/or layouts.

Modelling time: 2-3 evenings.

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