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Quick update

Life got in the way recently, which means little has progressed with the diorama. Here’s what I did get up to though: Here’s the completed fire escape. I added handrails and some styrene to take away from the inherent flatness of photo etched kits.

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How to make 1/35 sach windows

Making scale windows from scratch is a task that even the most enthusiastic modellers loath – especially when you have to build a bunch of them. It’s fiddly, long and requires lots of precision. Making windows in a jig, then, transforms the process into an enjoyable one.  Here’s mine: This is all based on Ken […]

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Apartment: Part Two

More progress with the apartment building yesterday.   I’ve still got a lot to do on it. I have to build and fix the fire escape, add filler for mortar, make the smaller service shutter, fill the gaps, make an extractor fan, add the cabling, paint it, graffifi it and finally weather it. Of course, this […]

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Apartment: Part One

Got a lot done on Friday. I finished, apart from some filling and painting, the front of the apartment block. It will later be super-detailed with things like exposed cabling and waste pipes and then weathered to finish. The brick molds from Diorama Debris have come out well. They are somewhat tricky to work with […]

by Craig on January 29, 2017, filed: OUT OF HOURS (wip)

Through a window

Over the past few days I’ve got a bunch of things underway, including a sign for a laundromat, brickwork and finishing the windows. This is the sign in its unfinished state – the completed piece I shall show soon. I cut styrene at 45 degree angles to make the box, using smaller angled styrene for […]

by Craig on January 22, 2017, filed: OUT OF HOURS (wip)

Buildings and Windows

In effort to make some more leaps and bounds, as opposed to concentrating on details, I’ve begun constructing some buildings. I’m using foam board as the Skelton, upon which a brick plaster will be applied later. The foam board I’m using isn’t the best so I may end up replacing it all. Above is the […]

by Craig on January 15, 2017, filed: OUT OF HOURS (wip)

It’s all about the base

Designing a plinth base is immediately rewarding. It means you can see the physical size you’re working to, but it’s also a canvas to design your blueprint upon. This base measures 350 x 160mm and was built using a plywood base and wood moulding purchased at a local DIY store – its cheap but looks […]

by Craig on January 8, 2017, filed: OUT OF HOURS (wip)

Stairs to nowhere

When building a diorama there are few things as good as finding a kit that A) suits your needs to the sprue and B) it’s cheap. That’s exactly what I had with finding MiniArt’s “Metal Stair”: For those unfamiliar, MiniArt make a whole variety of different models ranging from singular objects like this to full […]

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How to make 1/35 radiators

Part of the diorama focuses around an open fire escape, in which a main character stands, so I know I have to build and populate part of a corridor that leads to said door. There will be two details, a fire extinguisher and a radiator. The latter of which I’m scratchbuilding. I built it with […]

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How to make 1/35 ducting

I’ve started on many details of “Closing Time” already, putting the cart somewhat before the horse. I say that because I’m still skirting around constructing the buildings for the alley itself. I’m still working out various plans of where things will go and how… so it’s fruitless building major components if things are only going […]

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Back again

After almost two years of not posting a single word here on this blog I’m sure most people figured I was out-of-business. For a while, I guess I was. All my tools and materials were packed in the shed and life and it’s other interests took over. But now I’m back. I’m back with another […]

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As usual, it’s been a while since my last update. I am still here, percolating in the background. I’ve been thinking about my next project and I think I may have decided. It’s something urban. Don’t know much more than that, but that’s how these things always start… a simple idea. Then the passion and […]

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