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Hollis Pest Control (FOS Scale Models)

I had so much fun building Lamont Camera that the moment I finished building the Flux Mill a few weeks ago, I immediately got started with another FOS Scale Models kit.

Just like with both of those builds, I set out looking to once again play with verticality and different terrains, landforms and textures. My initial thoughts were to set this diorama in a rural setting, but after some further deliberating, I settled on an urban environment as it offered more opportunity for what I wanted to play with — water, bridges, brickwork, fencing etc…

I built the kit pretty much to Doug’s instructions, only adding a scratch-built awning for the loading bay and some extra details like chimneys and ducting and billboards. I did alter some roofing materials, too.

The base of the diorama is entirely made from pink foam, bought in 2×2 sheets at Home Depot, built up in layers. The paving was made from spreading an even, but thick layer of joint compound, carving expansion joints when dry. The road is the same recipe I used on the Flux Mill and Lamont Camera builds.

The flowing water was made using a sheet of 0.7 acetate that was tapered (cut into a V shape of the flow), glued in place and then covered with clear epoxy. When dry, white paint was streaked over the top of the hardened glue for a white water look. For the foaming water, Woodland Scenics Snow and Mod-Podge (Glossy) was mixed to create a white slurry. This was spooned and brushed into place at the top of bottom of the fall. Careful application made it appear natural and animated. The deep water was a simple, colored pouring of Envirotex Lite.

For the bridge, I used a Rix Products kit I picked up for $8, but I only used the large I-beams. The road railings were designed and 3D printed. Other 3D printed details include the tall gas tanks, old dresser, chairs, table — and even the coffee mug!

Without further ado…

by Craig on October 14, 2021