Not bad, just rusty


An incredible response over the past week since I posted “I am two bullets”. It’s a great feeling when someone takes the time to write a comment about something you’ve made. I appreciate it so much and I thank you all. On Cool Mini or Not, just this morning, it got a place on the “Top Last […]

by Craig on June 2, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

“I am two bullets”

After painting the details, filling the craters and fixing the figures… It’s done! This diorama started out as a small idea just over a month ago. It was intended to be a small project, aimed toward re-greasing my rusty bones (my line of work either permits me all the time in the world or none at […]

by Craig on May 25, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

Little pig, little pig…

I’ll be the first to say that there is zero hype or, rather, justification enough to be posting a “teaser” for my diorama. It’s borderline pretentious, quite frankly. However — This evening, being close enough to the finish line, I was taking some sample snaps and, well, I couldn’t resist posting this ahead of the final results:

by Craig on May 21, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

Ground control to Major Tom

Note: I’ve detailed this particular process with mistakes and all – an effort to help those considering similar products and applications. Therefore I highly recommend to read it all if you are to take any advice from it.  So, within the past few days the groundwork is nigh-on complete. Which has moved me onto the last couple of […]

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Final title is…

Given a recent change to the diorama’s composition (eagle-eyed readers will spot this change from initial pictures to the final ones) I have retitled the piece to: “I am two bullets”    

by Craig on May 17, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

Power of powders

Whilst I am in the midst of some resin nightmares (post coming soon) I have been working with weathering powders on bringing the groundwork to it’s fullest potential – and it’s finish. Between the time I created “Lost” and now, I have discovered that using weathering powders on groundwork is almost as important as painting it. […]

by Craig on May 16, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

Coke can anyone? How about a dry test…

I woke up the other day and felt the need to make a coke can. Well, I already have a resin one in the diorama, but I felt I needed a crushed one too. So I set about making one and it only took about 20 minutes. Here is the unpainted result (sat on GW […]

by Craig on May 9, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

A sign of life

Today marked the start of painting the groundwork. After masking off the through-frame – which was very tricky, given the multiple grooves and curves, a decent covering of Graveyard Earth was painted over the terrain. Specific objects, like the jersey barrier, trench plates, sandbags, struts etc were avoided – no need to add a unnecessary layer […]

by Craig on May 6, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

Show me some detail

Spent a lot more time last week superfining the diorama. Painting and modelling. Various items, including coke cans, grenades, a battery (torture methods or for jump starting a genny?), jerry cans, barb wire spools, guns, bullet casings and more… Here are two teasers, one of modelling: and one of painting: Also, the diorama groundwork was […]

by Craig on May 5, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS


Today, with the groundwork almost cut and dried, I started superfining the details. A process that is both very rewarding, time consuming and often frustrating. Until you remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. First up, a small spool was made on which to hold the barb wire (from a few weeks ago). […]

by Craig on May 2, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

Groundwork Day

Over the past few days since the last post, I’ve been busy painting the Elysian guardsmen and waiting on some more(!) stuff in the post to start completing the groundwork. Nearly 99% arrived yesterday, so I made a start! First, Tetrion was mixed (trusty water-resistant filler powder + water + PVA glue) and then laced all […]

by Craig on May 1, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

A little detail won’t hurt

I’ve spent 90% of today (time spent making the diorama, rather than the day as a whole) adding detail. The other 10% has been painting. I’ve begun super-fining the details spread all over the diorama, like this Jersey Barrier from Ainsty Castings.I’ve cut it short and sanded it curved for it to line up against the […]

by Craig on April 23, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

A title

The diorama has a working title: “One Each”

by Craig on April 19, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

Sandbags, placement and Dremels

For starters, I fixed my compressor! Huzzah! Damn the damp, but thanks to elbow grease and patience I didn’t have to pay a penny for any new parts. Today was productive, then. I received batch 1 of 2 of the models. Which is good, as everything is hinging on their placement to move the diorama’s […]

by Craig on April 17, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

Forwards and backwards…

Made good progress today with the diorama. Took a couple steps back too… My trusty compressor has given up the ghost. I think. Spent a hour or so taking it apart. Looks like I can source the part… if it is that bit. Sigh. Also got delivered the wrong models. Another few days wait – […]

by Craig on April 15, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS


A bag full of goodies from Salute – and what an event it is (first time)! I’ve dry tested a few bits and pieces and … it’s a no-go. Having to return a few key pieces and order up some other ones instead. Sigh. Here’s to more waiting! Thankfully I have Bob’s Burgers to keep […]

by Craig on April 12, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS


Rough cut both the foam core and the through frame this morning. A higher level of precision and detail of shaping will be achieved once I have all the supplies, figures included.

by Craig on April 11, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS

“Untitled” mini diorama

Here we go. To ease back into the diorama game I’ve conjured up an idea for a little mini diorama that’s currently still untitled. The general idea surrounds trench warfare in a future war. I bought the base from a charity shop, as actual trophy display bases are quite expensive. In fact, it’s actually part […]

by Craig on April 9, 2014, filed: I AM TWO BULLETS