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Sold Out!

Oddmunn Brother’s Mill has officially sold out! Kind of. It was always a risk to produce a “hot and heavy” kit right out of the gate. New business + expensive product isn’t for everyone, and I knew I’d be limiting my reach. But I also knew I wanted to set the bar high for my […]

by Craig on April 10, 2023, filed: Ramblings

My first trade show!

It’s official, folks. I am going to my first trade show, here in the UK. I will be at the Warley National 2022 at the NEC Birmingham on Saturday 26th & 27th November. Look out for a big double decker bus and you’ll see me, too! With me will be the ODDMUNN BROTHER’S MILL diorama […]

by Craig on November 10, 2022, filed: Ramblings


Hey everyone, it’s been a minute since my last update here on the website, as I’m finding myself posting shorter posts/teasers at my Facebook page, which can be found right here: Development on what is now titled ODDMUNN BROTHERS MILL is coming along very well. All of the structures have been completed and I […]

by Craig on September 29, 2022, filed: Ramblings

Kit Development

Putting a model kit together isn’t for the faint hearted. There’s A LOT to do (and buy), especially true when getting off the ground. Machines, materials, suppliers, shipping, packaging… it’s a lot, but it’s also a lot of fun. With my entire workshop (and the rest of the house) moving across the Atlantic, I’ve been […]

by Craig on February 3, 2022, filed: Ramblings


I’ve been quiet, but for a good reason — I’ve been working on something exciting. And we’ve been packing the house to move back to the UK. So, what’s exciting? Well, I’ve been buying… investing, I should say… drum roll please… I’m officially making craftsman kits! Starting this summer (all being well), I will be […]

by Craig on January 6, 2022, filed: Ramblings

F&SM Stories

Over the weekend, during a trip to the East Coast, I got a chance to visit George Sellios’ open house for his wonderful layout, the Franklin and South Manchester. I spent a little more than the 3 hours George was open (15 minutes or so) and he was a gracious host. Seeing the layout was […]

by Craig on September 21, 2021, filed: Ramblings

The Flux Mill is a kit!

I am very excited to announce the FLUX Mill is now a kit! KC Workshop and I paired up to produce this LIMITED EDITION run — and once it’s gone, it really is gone. You see, we pulled out all the stops to make sure you can build your own Mill as close as possible […]

by Craig on September 4, 2021, filed: Ramblings

The Flux Mill

Making “The Flux Mill” I’ve always wanted to try laser cutting. Especially when it comes to HO scale structures. So I jumped at the chance when FLUX ( offered me the opportunity to try out their Beambox – their middle of the road offering (they make one smaller and one bigger than the Beambox). For […]

by Craig on August 1, 2021, filed: Ramblings

A new name

Per the new image at the top of this post, my blog has a new name: Keep it Rusty. I decided to go with a new name as I no longer just produce sci-fi military works in 1/35 scale, but also HO-scale structures/dioramas. Rusty Robot has been with me for many, many years but the […]

by Craig on March 6, 2021, filed: Ramblings

3D Bricks

Finding good casts of HO scale (or O scale) brick walls is like finding hen’s teeth. Once upon a time a company called “Trains of Texas” were putting out really nice castings. Nowadays, they are next to impossible to find and, if you do, expect to sell a kidney to buy ‘em. Downtown Deco have […]

by Craig on February 10, 2021, filed: Ramblings

Testing new methods for signs

Every time I look at George Sellios’ F&SM I sit there and just wonder how he did it — especially his signs. They are always so thin you can literally see through them to the wall underneath, making them appear genuinely painted on, just like the real thing. So I set out to test a […]

by Craig on January 16, 2021, filed: Ramblings


You may notice a rather large HO related hole – or just a general gap between this post and the last. A database corrupted recently, deleting a lot of recent posts, all of which detailed my venture into HO scale territory for diorama making.I’m working hard to restore this beloved content, but in the meantime […]

by Craig on October 10, 2020, filed: Ramblings

Airbrush Now

This post will probably have no *single* meaning. Glean from it what you can. I’ve tried to help by putting important stuff in bold. There are many airbrush for beginner videos available. There are many forum posts about it, too. Deciding on an airbrush can be tricky and expensive, so understandably you want to make the right […]

by Craig on June 11, 2014, filed: Ramblings

The two hardest parts of the hobby

I thought I’d write this little post, whilst I’m waiting for things to dry. The first of which is, ironically enough, about that very thing. Waiting. For me, it truly is one of the hardest parts of the hobby. May sound silly to some, but oh my God the waiting… but it’s so important, especially when […]

by Craig on May 23, 2014, filed: Ramblings