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Review: MecanicX Heater for 3D printers!

3D printing in the winter months can be troublesome, especially if you live in a cold country. The UK is warmer in the winter than our previous house in Minnesota, USA, but it still gets cold here. Certainly cold enough to see prints fail due to low temperatures. Here’s the thing, my workshop isn’t heated. […]

by Craig on October 1, 2022, filed: Reviews

Review: Ultimation Sander

It’s no secret that I’m working on some O-scale builds (which, for the record, doesn’t mean I am switching scales. HO is still my bread and butter). In working with a larger scale, though, one thing becomes even more important than ever… making things perfect. There’s no hiding in a scale like 1/48 like you […]

by Craig on November 27, 2021, filed: Reviews

Review: Stories in Miniature (book)

I was fortunate to stumble across the IndieGoGo page to get this book off the ground but unfortunate in that I was a year too late. Luckily, The Cursed Monkeys deemed it worthwhile to do one more run of the book. So I jumped at the chance. Upon first impressions the book has been made […]

by Craig on May 28, 2014, filed: Reviews

Review: GSI’s Tentacle Maker V2

Review: GSI’s Tentacle Maker V2 There’s always lump in my throat when I’m mixing green stuff. Not in a romantic way; the opposite, actually. I demand so much from myself that I’m almost always dissapointed. Especially with sculpting. But it’s a journey, right? Anyway, any tool that takes away some of that inherent GS pressure […]

by Craig on May 2, 2014, filed: Reviews

Review: Technicqll Superglue (has a brush!)

This is going to be short and sweet because, well… it’s still just superglue. BuyPainted over on YouTube uses this glue, in fact it’s through him that I found it. What separates this glue from the rest then? (no pun intended) Well, for me, it’s the brush. You don’t see many superglues with one – and you […]

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Review: Flory sanding sponges (triple pack)

Earlier this week I discovered a set of tools that have changed the way I approach and tackle any given model. Yes, they have become that important. Ever had that issue where you’ve filed something and been satisfied, yet when you prime it reveals a still rough surface? Well, it’s happened to me. And I’ve found […]

by Craig on May 1, 2014, filed: Reviews

Review: Schellert Tool

So, when I was searching some forums late at night I came across a post where someone had fashioned their own sculpting tool. The handle and the tool itself had been hand made. I wanted one. The article credited the design to a guy named Gene VanHorne. I googled the name but didn’t come up […]

by Craig on January 30, 2012, filed: Reviews