Not bad, just rusty

Hollis Pest Control (FOS Scale Models)

I had so much fun building Lamont Camera that the moment I finished building the Flux Mill a few weeks ago, I immediately got started with another FOS Scale Models kit. Just like with both of those builds, I set out looking to once again play with verticality and different terrains, landforms and textures. My […]

by Craig on October 14, 2021, filed: Dioramas (1:87)

Lamont Camera (FOS Scale Models)

I’ve been very busy with work lately, but here is a commission build of Doug’s awesome kit “Lamont Camera”. When I was approached to make this kit, I knew it would be a great opportunity to play with slopes and gradients. The rear wall of this kit provides an awesome opportunity to do something like […]

by Craig on June 30, 2021, filed: Dioramas (1:87)

Small structures and big sponsors

Firstly, and most importantly, I’m very proud and honored to be sponsored by some of my favorite companies in the hobby. I couldn’t be more pleased to call FOS Scale Models, BEST Trains, KC’s Workshop and Monument Hobbies official friends! Nothing’s changing around these parts, it just means there’s going to be even more content! […]

by Craig on April 18, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Emporium Seafood [FINISHED]

I got a lot done since the last post as I wanted this one to showcase the finished Emporium. Here’s everything that I did between then and now: Painted all the castings Finished the maintenance shop, including the roof and fully detailed interior. Finished the rear loading dock Finished the stairways at the front and […]

by Craig on March 31, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

STOP! In the name of “ground work”!

Right at the start of the Emporium Seafood instructions, George tells you to build your base and add the retaining walls. Naturally, I skipped over that part and dove straight into the structure. A couple days ago, I hit a road block — and it’s because I didn’t build my base. See, in order to […]

by Craig on March 16, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Emporium Seafood: Part IV

After a week out of State, I got back to the bench. The next thing up was the stairway. As with any kit, I always stain, paint and weather all the clapboard/wall sections in one go. The worst thing in kit building, I think, is getting further into the construction only to have to stop […]

by Craig on March 8, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Emporium Seafood: Part III

Picking up where I left off — I started with the small office building on tall stilt legs. As this is pretty similar to the main building in terms of materials and technique, I thought I’d instead highlight what each of my stain steps look like. I use thin/light stains in multiple layers, so any […]

by Craig on February 27, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Emporium Seafood: Part II

Got some more work done to Emporium Seafood over the weekend. Picking up where I left off, I got to putting the roof together. First up, the trusses: Using pastel chalks, I aged and weathered the roof. The nuts on the trusses were painted using a rust effect paint by Modelmates (now Dirty Down, a […]

by Craig on February 22, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Emporium Seafood: Part I

I said to myself I’d leave this kit for last. It’s the focal point of the harbor and thought it would be great to build last up. I’m diving in already. First order of business was priming all the castings. I separated everything out by material and worked from there. It’s the easiest way, I […]

by Craig on February 17, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

I. M. Giltay Corp

After starting the Mizupo build a couple weeks ago, I quickly started another “pocket build” alongside it. This one, however, is based upon a prototype of a building I had seen in the city of Minneapolis. It’s called Matt’s and here’s a photo: What I particularly liked about this building was the roof cap. It […]

by Craig on February 7, 2021, filed: Dioramas (1:87)

Siekirk’s Seafood [FINISHED]

First of all, let me start off by apologizing for not having any more in-progress photos to show for this build. Time crunches put me on a schedule and any build time was spent doing just that. Here’s what I did between then and now, to bring it across the finish line: Finished the small […]

by Craig on January 15, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Siekirk’s Seafood – Part I

This week I made a start on my new structure for the tribute to Rocky Point Harbor. On George’s original, he has the “Izzy Fish Co.” next to Saulenas’. I debated for a while on whether to scratch build the whole thing or kitbash. During a flick through FOS Scale’s catalog, I noticed that “Gordon […]

by Craig on January 8, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

G.S Scale Supplies [FINISHED]

It’s time to move on to a new structure on the Rocky Point Harbor tribute, but before I could do that, I needed to bring all the most recent builds to 100%. With Saulenas’ and Swee’Peas in the bag, my G.S Scale Supplies building remained. I present the finished build: Up next is my take […]

by Craig on January 3, 2021, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Swee’Pea’s Rooming House [FINISHED]

Since bringing Saulenas’ across the finish line, I turned back to Swee’Pea’s and did the same. Extra details like scuppers, window shutters, curtains, awnings, lamps, pigeons, organic growth etc… all still had to be added, so I spent the last two nights doing all that to bring the build to 100%. I have left out […]

by Craig on December 31, 2020, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Saulenas’ Tavern [FINISHED]

Over the past week I’ve been pretty busy with work and life, especially as we’re on the runway to/from Christmas. That being said, I’ve found time where I could to bring my scratch-built Saulenas’ Tavern across the finish line. I began this build on November 22, so it’s taken me exactly one month to complete […]

by Craig on December 25, 2020, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Saulenas’ Tavern: Part III

After finishing the main walls of the structure, I started making a roof cap. Using a chunk of regular, corrugated cardboard I traced the structure from the inside and carefully cut it out. 10 minutes later, I had my roof. Black construction paper was then lightly misted with flat-gray, rattle can primer and strips cut […]

by Craig on December 12, 2020, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

The Tavern’s Walls – Part II

With Thanksgiving done and dusted, I got back to the bench and started work again on my full-size Saulenas’ Tavern build. For posterity, here’s the reference of the original seen on F&SM again: First, with the walls still flat on my work surface, I got all the base painting done. I started with a wash […]

by Craig on November 30, 2020, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Full size Saulenas’ Tavern – Part I

I’m still finishing Swee’Peas’ Rooming House, but as that build winds down I’ve already begun working on the next: Saulenas’ Tavern. Bar Mills makes a kit that’s been around for years and I’m using it as a base for my build. I’m only using it in this way because it’s not the full, original Tavern […]

by Craig on November 24, 2020, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Swee’Pea’s – Part II

I got busy painting all my 3D printed parts, including printing some new pieces like a chimney stack, workbench (not used on this structure), a tire, scuppers, downspouts and more. These fine details will be added over the course of the next week or more — which will complete the build. For now, I got […]

by Craig on November 20, 2020, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

Swee’Peas Bar & Grill – with Rooming House

I have started the structure for Swee’Pea’s. The walls I’m using are from FOS Scale Models. Some have been cut to length, others have been added to for height. All lumber not specified is from Northeastern. Also, I got some new 3D parts printed, including a cornice and storefronts. These all look wonky right now, […]

by Craig on November 14, 2020, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)

G.S Scale Supplies

With all of the blog posts detailing my journey into HO scale modeling lost forever, I’m using my current build to start again. This time making sensible backups as I go. Each and every day I find new inspiration from George Sellio’s wonderful layout, the Franklin & South Manchester Railroad. I think many of us […]

by Craig on November 13, 2020, filed: Rocky Point Harbor (multi-diorama)