Not bad, just rusty

Helluva long break

A recent change in job and home has meant a helluva long break in spending any time in the hobby in the past eight months. For a time I was wondering if I would ever get back into it at all… but then I saw all my (rather expensive!) equipment just gathering dust in the attic. And I just couldn’t let it rot like that. So, over Christmas, I had my first, albeit small, window of opportunity to pick up the airbrush and have another go. It was a nice way to spend a couple of days over my Christmas break. Now I have it spread over my desk again, I’m eager to find time in-between my life goals (yes, I have those!) to take a load off and enjoy the hobby once more.

So, where is the diorama standing? I have made an advancement!. Finally. Well, I say “advancement”, I’ve actually made a sizeable addition that has soaked up all the time, so I’ve not really continued but, rather, detoured slight. It’s a good addition though, so it will be worth it.

It’s a Death Korps DreadKnight. Pictures soon.

by Craig on January 5, 2013