Not bad, just rusty

Base Control

So I’ve been working a lot recently and not had a much time at all to work on the new diorama. I’ve ordered a bunch of new materials (eBay) and stock for the new piece (Forgeworld). I’m still waiting on Forgeworld. Shouldn’t be long.

The new diorama, as you already know, is called “Recovery”. At least for now. It’s a Death Korps of Krieg diorama.

So far I have cut out the foam to suit the base. I have tapered one side as this will be filled in with resin to simulate a water in a lake. I also began distressing the foam to better achieve the effect of natural, uneven ground. The measurements are secret. 😉

Here the base is completely distressed, apart from the tapered edge. There is still a lot of work to do on the foam yet, but this is the starting point.

As this diorama is a raised piece, I am framing it using plasticard (1.5mm thick). Once the foam has been cut and finished the plasticard will be cut to suit.

by Craig on February 21, 2012