Not bad, just rusty


So, after just over a month of hiatus, I am winding the crank again on my second diorama: “Recovery”.

I will change the title, I am sure.

I attended the Forge World open day – the first type of event I have ever attended, actually. A great day out, packed with meeting some very talented people and finished with a funny evening of beers and a shitty hotel room. I wasn’t alone, so don’t go thinking I am some loner laughing to myself as I sipped Budweiser in my less-than-fine sleeping quarters. No sir.

Anyway, I finally picked up most of my supplies (at least from FW) to make this diorama happen. It will take a lot longer to finish than “Lost”, but it will be worth it. For that I am sure.

by Craig on April 4, 2012