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Review: Flory sanding sponges (triple pack)

Earlier this week I discovered a set of tools that have changed the way I approach and tackle any given model. Yes, they have become that important.

Ever had that issue where you’ve filed something and been satisfied, yet when you prime it reveals a still rough surface? Well, it’s happened to me. And I’ve found something that help do away with that happening again.

They are called “Sanding Sponges” and these particular ones are made by Flory Models (based here in the UK).


What’s great about these things is that they are soft. They are essentially a sandwich, which is to say it’s a sponge sandwiched by two files. It’s all so easy to ruin a model with a set of diamond files or the like. I mean, they are metal after all. Here though, there is much less opportunity presented by the tool to do that. Which isn’t to say these will destroy your model, because they can and will. Just not as easy. They are to be used in conjunction with a metal file. So the process would now go: file, blue sponge 220-GRIT, black sponge 1200-GRIT and light blue sponge for a polish.

They are of varying grits. The set I have here goes from 220 GRIT to a whopping 10,000 GRIT. This is the triple pack, which cost, at most of the few online outlets, £4.99 before shipping.

As you can see, I’ve already had a good ole’ go with them – although that’s because I’ve pushed them into eating part of a PVC pipe on my latest diorama. Because of the size, they are more suited to things like vehicles, larger scale models and terrain. That said, smaller strips can be cut from these, as they are just sponge after all. Alternatively, they can be bought – from the same outlets.

It’s too easy to slip with the X-Acto and gouge a hole in your model or in the unlikely event of having to repair Finecast, these sanding sponges make the repair process not only easier but yield top results.

Bottom line? Whilst I’ve only been using these for a few days, these are a must have. An essential tool that has only just been found.

[ ] Refund, please!
[ ] Yeah, it works… I suppose.
[ x ] Greatness achieved.
[ ] Beyond impressed.
[ ] Perfection, perfected.

by Craig on May 1, 2014