Not bad, just rusty

Review: Technicqll Superglue (has a brush!)

This is going to be short and sweet because, well… it’s still just superglue.


BuyPainted over on YouTube uses this glue, in fact it’s through him that I found it.

What separates this glue from the rest then? (no pun intended) Well, for me, it’s the brush. You don’t see many superglues with one – and you really come to appreciate it after using it for a few days. Hence why I’m writing it up here.


This stuff isn’t readily found in the UK or anywhere other than… Poland. Which is where it’s made. This stuff is pretty damn strong too.

I did find an outlet here in the UK, however. And it’s a car shop called The Tuning Shop. They sell this stuff for £3.99 a bottle with free shipping. Which isn’t too bad.

Bottom line: Don’t go out of your way to buy this glue, because any superglue with a cocktail stick does the same job. But if you are having to buy a bottle anyway… this is a no-brainer.

[ ] Refund, please!
[ x ] Yeah, it works… I suppose.
[ ] Great, but not for everyone.
[ ] Beyond impressed.
[ ] Perfection, perfected.

by Craig on May 2, 2014