Not bad, just rusty

Review: Stories in Miniature (book)

I was fortunate to stumble across the IndieGoGo page to get this book off the ground but unfortunate in that I was a year too late. Luckily, The Cursed Monkeys deemed it worthwhile to do one more run of the book. So I jumped at the chance.

Upon first impressions the book has been made at a high quality. The print and binding are all top notch. Then again, at £50 I wouldn’t expect much less.
The book offers examples and how-to’s on a multitude of subjects, but those who bought this book hoping to learn about painting will be left disappointed. The focus here is on modelling or, more specifically, sculpting. Steps from composition to finishing are all very handy and interesting to read from a pros point of view. Catering to a wide skill range, any keen hobbyist could pick it up and find something that they didn’t know or refining something they did.

The book was written in the native tongue of the Cursed Monkeys (Spanish) and they have had it translated. The English isn’t stellar and they are a few paragraphs that suffer. That said the translation doesn’t hinder the read and it really is an excellent book. It will hard to find soon as it’s only a limited run, so if you’re a sculptor and want a coffee table read with lots of tutorials to boot, buy it now!

by Craig on May 28, 2014