Not bad, just rusty

Rivets, Rivets…

This mega transporter conversion is coming along well. Some of the more major structural changes, all done with 040 & 060 styrene, have been largely completed – meaning that I’ve been concentrating on some of the finer detail most recently.
I don’t think I’ve ever expected how many rivets this thing needed. I’ve been using the “small hex bolts” fine detail from ZINGE INDUSTRIES (based in the UK). I’ve used this company time and again and their accessories really are great – it’s why I recommend them at the bottom of this blog.

Detailing to the rear, including the winches.
I fashioned a tire clamp for the spare as the kit didn’t include anything. This was made from styrene rod, thin brass rod, Zinge hex bolts and a piece from a 40k kit.
A fuel drum was added, the support bracket was made from sprue and spare jeweler’s chain
A blanket was made from 0.5mm lead sheeting. This stuff is easy to cut with basic household scissors and contorted using fingers.
Various detailing has been added, including ladders from a Leman Russ kit and a heavy Bolter from a Predator kit.
Structure has been added to the trailer (lots more to come, yet) providing the illusion of a heavier duty setup.
Undercarriage storage has been made from styrene and the doors/windows from the kit have been used in place of the bin doors here. Jeweler’s chain was used, utilizing thin strips of lead sheeting for hangers.
This is the overall view of progress so far.

I’ve still got a long way to go yet. Notably, the transported tanks have yet to arrive in the mail. Small tracks are to added at the rear, the trailer needs to be completed, including the loading ramps and the front bay. I would estimate this being around 60% complete, so far. It is, by far, the most detailed model I’ve created to date.

In the next few posts I’m thinking of uploading some how-to’s, as opposed to just the results.

by Craig on November 10, 2019