Not bad, just rusty

Tracks, Hatches and Axles

Another couple of steps forward in this new vehicle conversion, currently titled DEAD RECKONING.

Since the last (and first) post, I ended up not liking the roof that I fabricated from a Chimera hull, so that was the first thing that went back under the knife recently.

Instead made a whole new upper hull from the kit of a GOLIATH TRUCK, with styrene modifications of course. I built out the entire bottom out of 030 styrene to give it depth, all so it will work with the rest of the vehicle. I also added plumbing PVC pipe wide enough (my supplier of styrene doesn’t go to these larger sizes) to occupy the space at the front. It’s modded to look like a vent shaft, and I’m pleased with how it came out. Additionally, I added depth to the turret shaft using the same PVC pipe, and also an arm pulling the hatch from the inside to help sell the illusion of depth,

I modded wheel arches from an ATV kit at the front and also two sets of tracks from a Chimera at the rear. I’m currently pushing for dual tracks (what would likely be needed in horsepower to shift a rig this size) – but it will require some additional work to make it look good. The tracks have been heavily modded on the inside to work with the kit’s axles. Originally, the Dragon Wagon kit is setup for four sets of double tires at the rear – so I had to make it work for tracks instead. Despite the work done, however, much of this detail will be hidden from view once the trailer is hooked up.

I added more detail to the plow struts from florist wire and brass tubing for the hydraulics. The wood doweling is to add more structure to the hardware connecting it to the plow itself.
Tamiya’s kit is outstanding for its detail. It’s the one of the best kits ever produced.

I did a dry test to make sure my newly made base will work out in width and length – fortunately, it does:

by Craig on November 2, 2019