Not bad, just rusty

Apartment: Part One

Got a lot done on Friday. I finished, apart from some filling and painting, the front of the apartment block.

It will later be super-detailed with things like exposed cabling and waste pipes and then weathered to finish.
The brick molds from Diorama Debris have come out well. They are somewhat tricky to work with as the detail is very fine and depending on the mixture of the plaster I was suffering a lot with bubbles or “round bricks” – an issue where the plaster wasn’t settling into the corners. Each section has been stuck to the foam board backing template. Cutting each piece with the Dremel was child’s play

The shutter door was cut from design specific styrene and then a brass channel added to the side as the runner. It’s housing was made with 12mm hex rod and styrene.

The reference for such housing can be seen above these Manhattan shops, for example.

The signs were printed on photo gloss courtesy of Duplicata Productions and then fashioned into housings also made from styrene.

Finally, the electrical junction box was also scratch built. Holes were carefully drilled into each corner replicating screw holes. The box has been made half-open and cables will later be adding snaking to other parts of the building – the idea being an inhabitant has tapped into and re-wired for their own gain.

Now I need to get on with the rest of the buildings, because I suddenly reminded myself I’ve built half of one of five. This is a sizeable diorama!

by Craig on January 29, 2017