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Buildings and Windows

In effort to make some more leaps and bounds, as opposed to concentrating on details, I’ve begun constructing some buildings. I’m using foam board as the Skelton, upon which a brick plaster will be applied later.

The foam board I’m using isn’t the best so I may end up replacing it all. Above is the apartment block which will later have details like a shop front and an iron fire escape on the side.

I’ve begun making the sach windows too. Each measures 45mm x 25mm. I started by making a jig, which not only makes the job easier but also will keep a uniformity throughout each one:

The jig on the left makes the window frame and the one on the right makes the sach windows themselves. Depending on the success, I’ll post how to make these. Unfortunately I can’t make the entire window from wood strip as it’s seemingly impossible to source strip so small. So I’m using half wood and half styrene to complete it.

I’ve also did a test round of the Venetian blinds. These will fit perfectly into the frames I’m making above. I need to perfect the jig to drill each slat still, but I’m happy with this as a test:

Finally, here’s a mock test I quickly threw together to get a sense of scale and size. This gives a decent idea of what’s happening:

by Craig on January 15, 2017