Not bad, just rusty

It’s all about the base

Designing a plinth base is immediately rewarding. It means you can see the physical size you’re working to, but it’s also a canvas to design your blueprint upon. This base measures 350 x 160mm and was built using a plywood base and wood moulding purchased at a local DIY store – its cheap but looks great!

For the diorama itself the buildings will, of course, line each side, but the alley will be presented at an angle to the base itself so the buildings will taper. At one end a fence will mark a visual endpoint for the eye to focus on and at the other the alley spills onto a just seen road and pavement.

Details like iron fire escapes, windows with Venetian blinds, shop shutters, Victorian archways, trash, waste containers, shopping trolleys, abandoned goods, stairs, ducting, sewer pipes, air conditioning units and cabling will all be seen. Most will be scratchbuilt. Here is the main fire door I’ve scratchbuilt from styrene sheets, rod, metal spruce and metal tube:

More soon.

by Craig on January 8, 2017