Not bad, just rusty

A few WIP photos

With the diorama complete, I thought I’d share a few pictures from its work in progress. I haven’t gone into much detail over its creation on the blog, but that’s mainly because there isn’t many new techniques I can share from what I already have from “I am two bullets”. This diorama was mainly an exercise in improving figure painting skills.

I never intend to share these particular photos as they are mainly taken as a way for me to check composition and such. Anyway, here they are:


This was probably the very first picture of the very first dry test. The guard is from Hasslefree Miniatures (I got it free at Salute!), the soldier is converted and consists of Anvil’s Afterlife torso, Elysian Sniper legs, FW Open Day head. The Dog, of course, is from the same FW Open Day model.


The original barrels were replaced as they didn’t provide much detail.


The bitz box junk. Apart from a few bitz (for detail) making junk requires more scratchbuild materials than anything else, I found. Plastic rod, brass rod, balsa, treadplate etc…


The same dry test from another angle…


After a number of elements were painted, I quickly realised that I’d need more detail on that road… This is where the storm drain came onto the scene!

by Craig on June 18, 2014