Not bad, just rusty

Start of something… tiny

In the wake of “I am two bullets” I’ve decided to jump back into the mix straight away and make another diorama. I’m due to start a new job in two weeks from today and I will need to get it done by then, unless I want to delay it to September. No thanks. With that in mind, then, this new diorama will have to be… tiny. I want it to be done within 8-10 days (although I am at the whim of some suppliers to deliver materials!).

It’s strange, I have a whole bunch of ideas I want to make (ranging from small to HUGE – one in particular has me itching to get going) but this little one has just jumped out at me from nowhere. It’s a simple idea, nothing overly new… but I’m hoping to brush up on that figure painting skill as I mentioned.

I spent a little part of today getting the base ready. I’m not sure what it was but it was part of a crappy little thing I found at a car boot sale yesterday. It’s difficult to work with as it’s an octagon. The through-frame was tricky to make because of it:


For those that have enquired about “Recovery”, it’s still very much on the cards for me – I just know it’s going to be one of those projects that will take a while. My magnum opus. It’s quite big! We’re gonna need a bigger bitz box…

More soon.

by Craig on June 2, 2014