Not bad, just rusty


I was away at the weekend and yesterday I was too sad by the news of Rik Mayall’s passing to have made any progress. Today, however, I have.

The groundwork was laid. The dirt was with the same method used on “I am two bullets”. I have mixed it up a little bit, as here it will be a lot more dusty.

A road was made also. Using layers of course grit and then filled in with wet Tetrion mix, I finally achieved a ballast-tarmac effect. Plastic rod was used to create a curb line. Masking tape was used to create a yellow line strip, which was Tetrion mix brush painted (the yellow line strips on roads are raised from the surface. Almost like really thick paint).

Weeds were also added and will be later refined.


Here is a cross-section highlighting the earlier difficulty of sanding and making smooth the through-frame. The road has been sanded flush.


Base colours have been airbrushed on. The impressions in the dirt are where the barrels will be situated. The heaviness of them pressing deep into the dirt creating dark discolouration.

Washing and dry brushing will be the next steps for the terrain.


by Craig on June 10, 2014