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Swee’Pea’s – Part II

I got busy painting all my 3D printed parts, including printing some new pieces like a chimney stack, workbench (not used on this structure), a tire, scuppers, downspouts and more. These fine details will be added over the course of the next week or more — which will complete the build.

For now, I got down to painting all my other details, including all the windows and doors, storefronts and rooftop details.

In this last photo, you can just about see the walk-up door to the Rooming House above. The steps and door in this little corridor were all 3D printed, with the corridor itself made from chipboard (cereal packaging).

Storefront designs, including the gingham curtain, are all from my laser printer. All of these were sourced from Google.

For the roof, I finished it with Scenic Express dirt and ballast, then lightly washed it with alcohol ink mix, finishing it with chalk powders for that well-weathered look. I think the color is a little bright/yellow for my tastes moving forward.

There are some areas I will be revisiting and touching up, but first I need to complete the structure in its entirety. As it stands, I’m at around 85% done with the Swee’Peas build. Here’s what remains:

1) Window acetate and blinds
2) Alley-side poster billboard
3) Micro-detailing, including: lamp shades, pigeons, old newspapers, old blankets, billowing curtains, awnings, electrical boxes and cabling, downspouts and a bath tub.
4) Organic weathering such as lichen and moss.
5) Adding Preisers.

More soon!

by Craig on November 20, 2020