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Siekirk’s Seafood [FINISHED]

First of all, let me start off by apologizing for not having any more in-progress photos to show for this build. Time crunches put me on a schedule and any build time was spent doing just that.

Here’s what I did between then and now, to bring it across the finish line:

  1. Finished the small side structure’s roof. I followed the instructions, but I used shingles instead of the paper tar roofing. Construction paper flashing was added at the corners to transition the shingles from surface to surface.
  2. Weathered the entire building with pastel chalks.
  3. Black pitch added.
  4. The awning was added. Used George Sellios design, adding front decorative elements using scalloped scissors.
  5. Added detail castings. Some 3D printed (like the pipes, downspout, trash bags), some were from Rusty Rail (trash cans, water tank), some were from the FOS kit itself (chimneys), some were from FSM kits (the sailfish, the pigeons) and some were scratch-built (the fishing rod).
    That rod was made using 1.2mm rod tapered to a point. The handle and reel is 1/8″ dowel shaped using a mini-lathe, with brass and copper tubing for the reel handle. The loops and line are all 28GA wire.
  6. Organic growth added using Woodland Scenics foliage.
  7. Sidewalk added. This was another Bar Mills weathered sidewalk, but to add variation it was cut to a narrower depth and water putty added to the brick surface to vary design. Two Woodland Scenic figures were also added at this stage.
  8. Small posters added. Also added a cardboard box here too.
  9. Real leaves (ground up fine) added to rooftops and sidewalk.
  10. Final pass over entire building, adding more pastel chalks and tying various elements together.

So, here it is, all finished. Per the previous post, the four unfinished windows on the left hand side will be completely covered by Saulenas’ Tavern.

by Craig on January 15, 2021