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Emporium Seafood [FINISHED]

I got a lot done since the last post as I wanted this one to showcase the finished Emporium.

Here’s everything that I did between then and now:

  • Painted all the castings
  • Finished the maintenance shop, including the roof and fully detailed interior.
  • Finished the rear loading dock
  • Finished the stairways at the front and rear
  • Installed canopies and awnings
  • Detailed the wharf
  • Finished the power line
  • Added ground cover, including the planked crossing.
  • Added Preisers, pigeons, cardboard boxes and other various details.

This is, truly, one of my favorite FSM kits. It’s an attractive structure, but all the details, variations of roofing materials, nice lines, the wharf and its detail… it all adds up to be an impressive harbor scene in itself.

I still have work to do on this build, including:

  • Adding the water
  • Adding the small office building (from Bailey’s Produce)
  • Adding the lower wharf decks
  • Adding the roadway barriers
  • Adding vehicles
  • Adding a fuel tank and piping for the wharf pump
  • Adding extra detail (like a jib crane)

So if I’m not finished, why upload photos now? Well, I want to show you exactly what the kit gives you! The only things I have added to the kit for the following photos are the Preisers, the code 70 rail, the track bumper and the bicycle. Everything else is 100% kit! It’s amazing.

Yes, it’s a hard find, and an expensive one when you do find it, but I can’t recommend it enough. Love this kit.

One thing of note before I show you the photos — please excuse the basement background in some of these. The diorama base is so large I can’t fit it in my normal photo area!

Without further ado, here’s my Emporium:

by Craig on March 31, 2021