Not bad, just rusty

The Pilot

After a long wait, I received the final parcel for the diorama in the mail this morning. I guess it’s only fitting that the integral or, rather, central, piece is the last to arrive.

I have found that painting vehicles is more to my skill. I enjoyed painting the Pilot, but it seemed to come together too fast… I don’t know why, but I painted him in about 3 hours or so. I’m not over-the-moon with the finished work, but I’m not particularly disappointed either. Maybe it’s the blues of the diorama finally coming to to a close.

I’ll let you guys be the judge of the final piece.

So I have mere patch work left to do now. Like the groundwork around the Pilot’s feet, and maybe a “Caution” sign to be added. I’ll be done tomorrow. Here are some pictures of the Pilot in situe:

by Craig on January 31, 2012