Not bad, just rusty

The Base: Part One

As can be seen in the previous post I failed to add the cheapo brown acrylic paint to the spackling mix. So, I had to paint on top of that. Which is perfectly doable… just not necessarily what I wanted to do because if some spackling chips off you’ll be showing off some rather white mixture underneath. Not ideal!

Not a big deal, I’d just have to make sure it doesn’t happen.

To begin painting then, I gave the spackling (wall filler) a coat of Chaos Black. Always a good one to start, right? Once dry I base coated it with said brown acrylic paint – I let some of the black stay showing. Again, once dry, I drybrushed the whole base with a Graveyard Earth and Kommando Khaki mix. Had I had my airbrush at the time I would have used that to paint the base… alas, I used what I had.

Some areas were given brighter highlights than others to simulate a natural tone texture of different grounds. On my next diorama a much more elaborate ground mixture will be made than will feature finer details.

The bunker itself was painted with a mixture of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black, then later (not pictured) coated with a thinned brown and black ink with Klear mixture – this addtional coat was part of the final weathering stage that gave the wooden structure a suitably wet/damp look. The edges of the bunker were highlighted by drybrushing Kommando Khaki. This same process was repeated for each of the fence posts.

The sandbags were undercoated in Chaos Black then drybrushed with a mixture of Kommando Khaki and Snakebite Leather. Devlan Mud was then used to pick out it’s finer details like the creases and woven textures. Smaller details like the tread plate and knife were painted before being added to the diorama.

The fence was, like everything, undercoated in Chaos Black. Using Boltgun Metal I then drybrushed the whole fence. Then same process was undertaken for the barb wire. Using a pot of Flesh Wash (now solds as Ogryn Flesh) that I have had for almost 10 years – it has matured into a sickly rich orange/brown rust coloured wash – I gave a generous coat to the barbs adding a highly weathered finish. Areas of the fence also, like holes and edges, also got a coat of Flesh Wash.

I added barrels that I ordered from a polish seller on eBay. They were undercoated with CB then, with a mixture of Camo Green and more CB as a base layer. The rims and lids were drybrushed with Boltgun Metal with highlights of Chainmail to enhance the metallic sheen. More 10-year old Flesh Wash was added to simulate the barrels leaking contents of what could arguably be either fuel or some other hazardous material.

With a few other details painted, like the cables on the conduit and the inside of the bunker… half of the diorama was ready to go.

by Craig on January 9, 2012