Not bad, just rusty


Since posting up the final pictures of “Lost” last night I have received an overwhelming response. I am truly touched by the kind words of those that have taken the time to comment. As a newcomer, this is extremely encouraging – especially since I am already planning out my next diorama.

As a lasting reminder and a thank you, I would like to put some of those words here:


“It’s very impressive. I love the look of the wet mud and the weathering on the walker is spot on”
– Phil Stutcinskas


“Finally, a unique solo diorama. Possibly the only one man diorama I have seen”


“I’d almost be tempted to say you’ve not used the space, but the fact it *is* empty really gives it a desolate, slightly chilling, feel”


“It’s got suspense and narrative in equal measure”


“Just looking at it makes me want to hear the story behind it and know how it ends”


“I absolutely love this diorama.The mud effects dirt and grime are some of the best i’ve ever seen”


“If I were that pilot, I would not look down that hole”


“One of the most important things about a successful diorama is that it tells a story, along with adding lots of little details. You’ve nailed both of them”


“Looks like a scene from a movie, just incredible!”


“This one seems like it’s actually catches a moment from a cohesive story, rather than just looking like a couple of soldiers posing for a picture. Really, really good job. They should use this as one of the pictures to teach people what dioramas should ACTUALLY look like”


by Craig on February 3, 2012