Not bad, just rusty

A new name

Per the new image at the top of this post, my blog has a new name:

Keep it Rusty.

I decided to go with a new name as I no longer just produce sci-fi military works in 1/35 scale, but also HO-scale structures/dioramas. Rusty Robot has been with me for many, many years but the name suggested a certain overtone that I’m looking to move on from.

As such, the blog can now be accessed via the new web address:

I also have a new email found at the footer of the site.

The site will still be accessible via, for now and my previous email address will still function for legacy purposes.

Looking forward to producing a lot more content under this new name. A name that will remind me all the time to Keep it Rusty!

[if you don’t yet see the new logo, that’s okay. Your browser has cached the previous one and will update to the new one soon]

by Craig on March 6, 2021