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Hey everyone, it’s been a minute since my last update here on the website, as I’m finding myself posting shorter posts/teasers at my Facebook page, which can be found right here:

Development on what is now titled ODDMUNN BROTHERS MILL is coming along very well. All of the structures have been completed and I am now moving onto modeling the scenery and details. I’m still on track to be making the official announcement/pre-order for it next month.

One new element for the kit is some figures! In recent years, I have found a steady decline in quality from Preiser, from their injection moulds to their painting. To top it off, they are hard to source and often out of stock. And they are supposed to be the best!

Enter MODELU (

MODELU have taken scale figure production to a whole new level by 3D-scanning real people in period costumes and then printing them using the best printers and resins going. Let’s face it, we live in a world where 3D printing is not only readily available… but it produces detail that is hard to beat. These figures are reality at scale!

What made yesterday so specials is that we did all new scans to make custom figures, just for the kit! Now that’s a first for craftsmen kits!

For ODDMUNN BROTHERS MILL there will be approximately 10-12 lifelike, HO figures and will available to order as optional extras during checkout here at the website. Additionally, a bespoke painting service will also be available for those who prefer it.

More details (including pricing) will be available with the kit release.

I can’t wait to share it all with you.

by Craig on September 29, 2022