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My first trade show!

It’s official, folks. I am going to my first trade show, here in the UK. I will be at the Warley National 2022 at the NEC Birmingham on Saturday 26th & 27th November. Look out for a big double decker bus and you’ll see me, too!

With me will be the ODDMUNN BROTHER’S MILL diorama on full display (as well as some other smaller models) to see exactly what you can build in buying the kit!

For those that are unfamiliar, the ODDMUNN BROTHER’S MILL is an HO/OO scale craftsman kit with a serious amount of detail!

The kit will be on sale very, very soon – yes, ahead of the show – but if you buy it from me there, I will be offering free shipping (UK and USA addresses only).

And for anyone wondering who the Oddmunn Brothers are, I think it’s time I introduce you:

by Craig on November 10, 2022