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Sold Out!

Oddmunn Brother’s Mill has officially sold out! Kind of.

It was always a risk to produce a “hot and heavy” kit right out of the gate. New business + expensive product isn’t for everyone, and I knew I’d be limiting my reach. But I also knew I wanted to set the bar high for my first kit and I didn’t mind if it was going to take a little time to sell out, or if at all.

Transparently, I did decide to stop production about 20 kits short of my target number, due to an upcoming move. Yes, I know we have only just moved from the US to the UK, but we have been in rental accommodation since and only now secured a place of our own. Of course, we need time to pack things up and not worry about dispatching orders. This means two important things:

  1. If you are interested in buying an Oddmunn’s kit, please email me. I’m not sure when I can produce the final 20 kits, but anyone that’s interested can be placed on a first-come-first-served list. You will only pay once the kits are ready to go into production. Importantly, once those 20 are made, the kit will become unavailable indefinitely.
  2. There may be a delay on the 2023 limited-run kit. There’s a lot to do with the move and there won’t be much time to dedicate to kit making, unfortunately. What I can say, though, is the next kit will be smaller than Oddmunn’s. The plan is to put out one large, one small-ish, one large, one small-ish etc each and every year. This allows me to get kits into everyone’s hands.

Thank you to everyone who ordered and/or sent words of support. You really do make it all possible.

Here’s to everything moving forwards!

by Craig on April 10, 2023