Not bad, just rusty

A little detail won’t hurt

I’ve spent 90% of today (time spent making the diorama, rather than the day as a whole) adding detail. The other 10% has been painting.

I’ve begun super-fining the details spread all over the diorama, like this Jersey Barrier from Ainsty Castings.I’ve cut it short and sanded it curved for it to line up against the through-frame. I’ve stressed the barrier to look like it’s been in combat for a few years – achieved by using the Dremel, scalpel and the pick tool as pictured. I’ve also added a new pickup point and drilled in some exposed concrete reinforcing rods from blast damage.

This little thing is going to be rather featured, which is why it’s been characterised as much as it has.


I also spent some time making some REAL barb wire – albeit in 28mm scale. This stuff is lethal – let me tell you!


Whilst the undercoating on all the details was drying, I began fixing all the models in position. Like this wonderful Elysian sniper – with extended barrel. I also added green stuff to all the glued joints to seal the deal.


I also received a bunch of stuff in the post today – including some birch seed (thanks Basecraft!) that I’ll be using for the groundwork that’s going to be underway soon.

by Craig on April 23, 2014