Not bad, just rusty

A sign of life

Today marked the start of painting the groundwork. After masking off the through-frame – which was very tricky, given the multiple grooves and curves, a decent covering of Graveyard Earth was painted over the terrain. Specific objects, like the jersey barrier, trench plates, sandbags, struts etc were avoided – no need to add a unnecessary layer of paint to them. The lighting in this shot isn’t that great, it looks like fool’s gold here:

The aforementioned specific objects then had their various base colours airbrushed on. Smaller objects will have their base colours put on with a paintbrush later.

All the colours (except from the Graveyard Earth terrain) had their colours refined with subsequent darker and lighter tones.

Tomorrow more refining will get underway (including the terrain itself) before moving onto weathering.

I like the part of the process as this is where the diorama starts to show signs of life and you get to see your hard work paying off! (Side note: the results are terribly patchy here, but that’s okay. Layering is the key and all will be stitched together soon)

by Craig on May 6, 2014