Not bad, just rusty

Forwards and backwards…

Made good progress today with the diorama. Took a couple steps back too… My trusty compressor has given up the ghost. I think. Spent a hour or so taking it apart. Looks like I can source the part… if it is that bit. Sigh.

Also got delivered the wrong models. Another few days wait – sigh again. Anyway…

Firstly, I made some jerry cans. These are based on the old Imperial Guard ones (see here:

I’ve filled in the recessed emblem, as I always like to steer away from the “seen that terrain piece a thousand times” mindset.
On one of the cans I’ve made a filler nozzle – I just used some heat shrink tubing. It is slightly off scale, which is annoying. I may come back to this. The rough bottoms will be covered when they are pressed into the muddy groundwork.These are just a few of the bits going into the diorama!

Here’s some of the corrugated steel sheeting that will be lining the trench walls. I will be posting how I made this sheeting soon.

Quick overview of the piece – I made some footing boards for where the snipers will be laying in the dirt. Self-explanatory, really. Just thin strips of balsa with 2mm copper wire 🙂 That barb wire will be replaced down the line…

Gas can explosion! I used the trusty Dremel with an engraving bit to hollow out the solid gas can resin piece. This little crater will be part filled with clear casting resin later to simulate a pool of collected water.

A view from the front. The snipers will be scoping and shooting through the razorwire. Also, see that little hole in the trench? Come back soon!

A view from inside the trench. Here is a little lighting fixture underneath the trench support. The dangling cable will be obscured by the corrugating sheeting.

The layered balsa wood was scored and stressed using a craft knife. The fixture, socket and cable was from my number one go to shop: Zinge Industries. The little bracket was made from etched wire sprue with small bits of plastic rod for fittings.

The rest of the bitz that will be going into the diorama!

by Craig on April 15, 2014