Not bad, just rusty

Groundwork Day

Over the past few days since the last post, I’ve been busy painting the Elysian guardsmen and waiting on some more(!) stuff in the post to start completing the groundwork. Nearly 99% arrived yesterday, so I made a start!




First, Tetrion was mixed (trusty water-resistant filler powder + water + PVA glue) and then laced all over the trench floor and walls. Details were already prepared as time is not on your side with these things so you have to work fast fast fast (which is never something you want to be doing when making a diorama, but oh well). Soon as the paste was on, the trench plates, iron siding and lighting went in. Again, work was fast here because the paste was drying and the next step was vitally important whilst the paste is still wet.

So on with the dry grit/sand/filler powder mix. This gives everything a lovely texture that will come to life in the painting process. When it was dry, pure PVA glue was brushed on over the terrain and fine sand was added for variation.

The next step will be to fill in behind the iron siding so it looks like it’s holding the walls of the trench. This will be a multi-part process as it will be done with layers of PVA glue for maximum control.

As it was drying, the cut-off terrain was sanded smooth to match the through-frame:


by Craig on May 1, 2014