Not bad, just rusty

“I am two bullets”

After painting the details, filling the craters and fixing the figures… It’s done!

This diorama started out as a small idea just over a month ago. It was intended to be a small project, aimed toward re-greasing my rusty bones (my line of work either permits me all the time in the world or none at all, thus it’s hard to consistently develop my skills). However, it quickly turned into a project that, whilst small in diameter, proved quite large everywhere else.

Now, I’ve been asked about the title so here is my thinking behind it: I wanted a title that evoked a disturbing sense of reality, one that could snatch you out of looking at just a diorama. Then suck you right back in. We, as the viewer, see a paradox of sorts (who watches the watchmen?). “I am two bullets” is a mantra both the assassin and sniper are each saying in their heads as they deliberate pulling the trigger. Their objectification of the task at hand becomes ironic and disturbing. Two soldiers, both strangers and enemies, each finding the same words – and excuse – to pull the trigger and kill for a reason they have long since forgotten.

Going forward, then, I would like to improve my painting skill, particularly with models. I will be playing a lot more with layers, blending and glazes with the next project. Sharper, clearer and more striking is the aim.

There are a few thanks I’d like to make:

Iwata (serious thanks)
Phil Stutcinskas
Zinge Industries
Green Stuff Industries
DakkaDakka community

by Craig on May 25, 2014