Not bad, just rusty

Sandbags, placement and Dremels

For starters, I fixed my compressor! Huzzah! Damn the damp, but thanks to elbow grease and patience I didn’t have to pay a penny for any new parts.

Today was productive, then. I received batch 1 of 2 of the models. Which is good, as everything is hinging on their placement to move the diorama’s construction forward.

I added various elements today though. Here is – albeit just placed for size for now – a small dug out in the trench wall.


This is based on real WWI trench life:

I also carved out the through frame more precisely today. I used a 0.2mm high-speed cutting bit to achieve accurate results. Other items, like the Jersey barrier and ammo boxes were placed for sizing. Their final positions will vary.


I created trench plates for the bottom of the diorama – which I then moulded and cast from. These were made from various bits of plasticard. The designs were based on the long out of print ForgeWorld trench system. I am fortunate, however, to have finally got my hands on some of these. So the actual real-mccoy will be used instead. However, my own designs will be used for future projects – seeing as I now have a mould to work from.

Few more things to arrive in the post yet. I will be making my own barb wire too – but that’ll have to wait till next week as I’m on vacation this weekend. Oh, and you’ll see a sneak peak of one of the models I’m using the for diorama above. “He’s behind you!”

by Craig on April 17, 2014