Not bad, just rusty


An incredible response over the past week since I posted “I am two bullets”. It’s a great feeling when someone takes the time to write a comment about something you’ve made. I appreciate it so much and I thank you all.

On Cool Mini or Not, just this morning, it got a place on the “Top Last 7 Days” page, with an amazing 9.3 out of 10 overall!

As with “Lost”, this post marks the end of “I am two bullets”. I’ve had a lot of fun making it and I hope you have had fun reading about it 🙂

Here are some of the highlights that have made my day and have encouraged me to keep the brushes wet and the airbrush dust-free:

“Awesome! I love it. The deep water is uber cool, best I have seen!” – Phil Stutcinskas

“Love the subject, love the work, love the attention to detail, love the mood!”

“It’s pieces like this that make the hobby great for me”

“Absolutely fantastic and surpasses ‘Lost’, it shows real signs you’re developing as a painter and diorama-maker, I greatly anticipate your next piece of work”

“And that gentlemen is how it is done. Outstanding”

“Your work is astonishing”

“Utterly amazing”

“Just WOW. You truly are talented!”

“Love the subject, love the work, love the attention to detail, love the mood, great job!”

“I remember ‘Lost’, thought it was great. This is a whole other level better”

“Wow, this really made my day. Simply brilliant and very dynamic. Great great work”

“A+++ on the concept and the execution of the diorama! Brings a very human element to a universe that always focuses on the epic”

“Excellent diorama. I love how you rounded the edges and included the water”

“Attention to detail is perfect, so much character”

“Wow this is just so cool. The details really bring it to life. These two talented marksmen have been picking off enemy troops for days and finally get wasted . I imagine it took hours for that guy to sneak behind their trench works”

by Craig on June 2, 2014